6 Reasons to Invest in a Professional Book Cover

Do you often hear “don’t judge book by its cover”? The truth is, people are not very good in following this advice. This is one of the basics reasons for investing in a professional book cover.  Read the rest of the post to find out what benefits can be expected from the book cover designed by a professional graphic designer.

Professional book cover attracts readers


Human brains process pictures faster than words. A beautiful, clear, professional cover catches the potential reader’s attention and helps them instantly know if the book is for them. A strong design appeals to feelings and emotions, possessing the ability to intrigue and attract readers.

Professional book cover tells about the book


The good cover should convey a lot of information at a glance. It can tell about the book’s genre and the sense of its story. By displaying images that are crucial to the book you can give your potential reader a promise of the new knowledge, a thrilling adventure, or a passionate romance.

Professional book cover displays professionalism


The outstanding book cover work as a promise – that the author is a professional who cares about the readers and dedicated time and effort to honor their time. The readers can expect that the quality and refinement of the cover is a sign of the great value of the whole book.

Professional book cover serves as a marketing tool


A good cover makes a book marketing easier. Reviewers, bloggers, retail managers are flooded with pitches. A professional cover gives you an edge in standing out among the competition. Your cover choices also create and affect perceptions of your brand as an author.

Professional book cover increases number of sales


Better covers mean better sales. The Taleist self-publishing survey showed that authors who spent money on a professional book cover earned 18% more royalties. Number of examples show how updating the book cover significantly increased number of sold copies.

Professional book cover provides a better visibility


As a self-publisher you do not have publishing house’s marketing budget, media support, name recognition or distribution network. Investing in the professional cover for your work shows that your are not an amateur. It gives you a needed advantage in distinguishing yourself on the market.

So this is it! If you are interested in hiring a professional book cover designer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!