What can I do for you?

I am a graphic designer from Poland. I specialize in professional and unique book covers for private clients, translating ideas into visuals in a way that is tailored to the needs of the self-publishing authors.

Below you can see some of my works

How does it work?

It starts with a simple email. What is your book like? Describe its genre, tone, plot or main ideas, target group and publishing platform. Give any other important information (i.e. deadline). What kind of cover do you have in mind? Be as precise as you want – give strict guidelines or leave me a full creative freedom.

I get back to you as soon as possible after conducting a short research. I inform you if I am able to deliver what you have envisioned and provide you with a price estimate. After we reach an agreement you pay an advance and I start designing.

In my work I use a mix of photo manipulation, painting and graphic design to offer an unique and original artwork that properly balances the form and function of a book cover. After I sent you a finished cover, your thoughts are welcomed – and with your suggestions we can go through up to three rounds of revisions.

After the final revisions end up with a fully satisfying cover for your book, you transfer the rest of the payment (via PayPal). I send you the cover in full resolution, adjusted to your publishing platform(s). You retain the copyright to the design and the cover.  Now, you can use your new book cover anywhere, in any way you like.

$290 - $370

ebook design


additional print design


This is an approximate price range for a cover.

The price of each project is discussed individually. In addition to the book cover, I can also provide promotional graphics for your website or social media pages (e.g. Facebook page cover). Please contact me to get more details.

Or you can buy premade cover

Quick and affordable solution - covers are sold only once!


If you are interested in my services, please get in touch.

My email address is bukovero@gmail.com. If you’d like, you could also visit me on Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you!