Range, style, sophistication, and immense skill

From first glance, it’s obvious the Bukovero website is well designed. You’re dealing with a pro. Agata’s portfolio shows range, style, sophistication, and immense skill. In my case, I asked for an off-genre cover, two covers in fact, to establish a series. I sent Agata a description and a dozen samples of covers I thought looked similar to what I wanted. Within days, she sent back the first draft of the first cover. Amazing. I asked for several changes and it seemed like I barely sent off the email and I would get back a revision. It was really quite thrilling, both to see the covers taking shape and to work with someone this good at their game. Honestly, I can’t wait to write the next book to see what Agata does for the cover.

J. T. Allen
author of Daisy and the Pirates and Daisy in Exile

Was a joy to work with, extremely professional

After searching websites for a cover for my book, I found a pre-made design by Bukovero. I am so pleased that I found her website. Agata who specialises in designing covers for self-publishing authors was a joy to work with. Nothing was too much trouble for her and her quick response to my queries and changes to the artwork, was outstanding. She is extremely professional and I would highly recommend her artwork to anyone who wants a design that matches exactly what they want for their book cover and at an affordable price. I cannot recommend her services highly enough and I will certainly use her again for my next book.

Erica Greaves
author of The Eyes of Myra

A beautiful cover that exceeded expectations

I went to Agata with no clear idea of what I wanted for my book cover. I answered her questions about my book, and then waited anxiously to see what she would come up with. She delivered a beautiful cover that exceeded whatever expectations I may have had, and on top of everything, she was a delight to work with. I’m so glad I discovered her, and I’ll definitely be using her services again.

Mary Head
author of No Safe Place

The service was top notch

I had my eyes on the cover for months and finally decided to purchase it. After wanting a few alterations done, I was worried I’d be shut down but the service was top notch. Even after the initial cover (with the alterations I initially asked for) was finished, I decided on a different approach and I quickly received yet another set of revisions. Perfect and I love it so much. Can’t wait to share it with my readers

Benjamin Hively
author of The House The Devil Built

The cover looks like it “belongs” on the book

I contacted Bukovero after comparing more than a dozen cover designers at different price points and with varying portfolios. I couldn’t be happier with the result both in quality and professionalism. After sending a description of the plot, characters and themes of my novel, the result I received represented the essence of the novel succinctly and strongly with a blend of what looks to be original art, photography and editing. The revision options are better than other cover artists and when I made a suggestion, within a day a new element was in the image and three new mock-ups of the fonts. I am not artist, but the cover looks like it “belongs” on the book, as if it were there from the beginning and I just couldn’t see it before. If you are looking for an artist to apply artistic vision, talent and a high level of skill to your book cover, I would highly recommend Bukovero.

Drake Green
author of Point of Control

Professional, talented, and easy to work with

I contacted Bukovero after seeing a cover they designed for another author at a book festival. I had five books in my series that I wanted designed and I wasn’t sure if she would be willing to take on such a task. Not only was Agata willing to work with me, but she came up with a perfect look for my books that exudes the sense of spy novels! I would definitely recommend Bukovero to anyone interested in exciting and unique book covers.

Alba Arango
author of JJ Bennett: Junior Spy series

Exceeded my wildest expectations

Agata knocked it out of the park in every aspect for my first book cover “How to Raise Great Kids!” Cost, communication, revisions, and final product all exceeded my wildest expectations. I will definitely be using her again for my next project. Job well done and thank you again!

Jim Gromer
author of How to Raise Great Kids

Even better than I’d hoped

The cover Agata made for my book was even better than I’d hoped – and if I’m being quite honest, better than the majority of book covers one might see while looking through a bookstore.

Ivana Skye
author of Size of the World

One of the best book cover designers

The first thing someone will see is your book cover. Unless it really stands out then you’ve probably lost a sale and the reader will never know how great your book is. So finding an outstanding book cover designer is vital to your success. Luckily I discovered Bukovero Cover Designs and the results speak for themselves. Lots of people comment on the cover. It seems to get noticed and I receive really nice comments about it all the time. After spending months of sweat and tears writing a book why on earth would I want to dress it in a second rate cover? The extra sales I have made from using one of the best book cover designers on the planet has more than paid for itself. It wasn’t a cost. It was an investment in my book. It’s my brand. And it pays me back every time a potential customer sees my book cover. When I discovered Bukovero Cover Design and Agata I guess I just got lucky.

Lee Wood
author of Mr Lucky and Lucky Break

Service ethic is superb

Agata has delivered to us in South Africa a most stunning book cover. It has been admired by readers, publishers and printers alike. Words such as “she really knows what she is doing”, “who is she?” “where did you find her” are regularly heard. Not only have we emerged with a splendid creative cover with impact but her service ethic is superb. Alterations, suggestions, errors, re-dos alike were all attended to politely, and promptly and pertinently. We are indeed blessed to have partnered with Agata.

Dr R Volpe and Rene Steyn
authors of Senseless Sacrifice

Fast, professional, and provided a great design

Agata was fast, professional, and provided a great design. She adhered to the brief well, while also bringing in a few of her own ideas (which were enthusiastically embraced). This won’t be the last time I use Bukovero Cover Designer.

James Lawson
author of Operation Nightcrawl

A piece of art to catch a reader’s eye

If you’re in the market for a piece of art to catch a reader’s eye, look no further! I found Studio Bukovero while searching for cover artists whose art style was original and unique, while still exceptionally professional looking. I found many artists that just missed the mark for my tastes. Then I found a true artist. Agata was easy to work with and very professional. She created a cover that catches the eye and draws you in. I’ve had rave reviews from both friends and other authors who saw the cover. I can’t wait to hit the publish button so readers get a chance to enjoy her cover. Besides, the old adage ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’ doesn’t hold much weight these days. You need a cover that pops as a thumbnail image, hooks a reader, and sends them to the buy button: Studio Bukovero delivers. I’m a fan for life.

Yvonne Carder
author of Luminata

Book covers that rival the best in the industry

Working with Agata at Bukovero was an absolute pleasure. She’s a designer with consummate skill and has the creativity to envision and construct professional book covers that rival the best in the industry. When you consider her promptness and professionalism throughout the design process, booking Agata for your next project is really a no-brainer.

Ambrose Ibsen
author of Bonecrusher

Book cover that will stand out

Fast, professional and a great artist, I highly recommend Bukovero to any author seeking a beautiful book cover that will stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Nicholas Erik
author of Adrift

Prompt, polite, so easy to work with

I fell in love with the pre-made cover art the moment I saw it! Agata was prompt, polite, so easy to work with about adjustments, and I had my professional-quality cover in a matter of days. In fact, I’ve already revisited the site multiple times to browse for my next book. Will definitely be working with Agata again sometime in the future.

Zoe Reed
author of Breaking Legacies

Friendly expert service

Every good writer is passionate about their creation, and if you desire a designer that’s equally passionate and professional about designing your book cover then the choice is clear, you want a Bukovero design. I was blown away by the fast, friendly expert service, but most of all, I loved the design. I highly recommend Agata.

Dave Park
His Passion Publishing

I could not recommend enough

I came to Bukovero with a difficult pitch – it wasn’t sci-fi, it wasn’t fantasy, it was somewhere in the middle. I couldn’t find a single cover from someone else that I thought fit design-wise. But when I received their design, I was simply blown-away by how incredible it was. The overall design was not only fantastic, they had worked in subtleties that made me love it even more every time I looked at it. I could not recommend Bukovero enough.

Kevin D. Aslan
author of Encore

My only hope is that my book is as good as the cover

Agata is an amazing artist. She was able to find the complex, subliminal dynamic of my story and present it as a beautiful visual, as if by magic. My only hope is that my book is as good as her cover.

Andrew Marcus