The cover looks like it “belongs” on the book

I contacted Bukovero after comparing more than a dozen cover designers at different price points and with varying portfolios. I couldn’t be happier with the result both in quality and professionalism. After sending a description of the plot, characters and themes of my novel, the result I received represented the essence of the novel succinctly and strongly with a blend of what looks to be original art, photography and editing. The revision options are better than other cover artists and when I made a suggestion, within a day a new element was in the image and three new mock-ups of the fonts. I am not artist, but the cover looks like it “belongs” on the book, as if it were there from the beginning and I just couldn’t see it before. If you are looking for an artist to apply artistic vision, talent and a high level of skill to your book cover, I would highly recommend Bukovero.